Doone Silver Kerr

8a Battersea Park Road, London

Status Planning
Size 2132m2
Practice BFLS

The site lies within one of the largest regeneration areas in London and its physical constraints require a highly creative approach to brown field urban regeneration.

The concept design is underpinned by the desire to create a beautiful new space and a desirable residential environment.  The form of the building is derived from the creation of a strong but contemporary synergy with the existing architectural context, forming a group of buildings around a central courtyard.

Material selection was carefully considered to enhance the overall simplicity and neutrality of the form in its historic context in addition to excellent environmental properties.

The apartments are a mix of open plan, duplex and lateral units to optimise the opportunities presented by the site’s physical characteristics, and to maximise the loft style experience offered by the overall building form.

Ross was a Director at BFLS

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