Doone Silver Kerr

Flax Place, Leeds

Status Current
Size 29,250m2

Doone Silver Kerr has recently gained detailed planning consent on behalf of build-to-rent specialists Neighbour for a new, large development in Leeds.

Located on a 0.5 hectare brownfield site to the south-east of Leeds city centre with frontages onto Marsh Lane, Flax Place and Richmond Street, the proposals will provide 300 apartments, retail space, a GP surgery and parking in an undercroft.

The buildings are designed as a series of dynamic sliding planes that step across the site on a north-south axis, rising from 8 to 14 storeys, responding to the urban grain and height gradients of the surrounding buildings and topography.

The elevations are carefully composed using double-square and golden section proportions to create panels of mid-grey brick and glazing that slide between slim concrete floor edges.  The glazing is set deep into the elevations to express the solidity of the buildings and articulate the façade rhythm.

The landscape at ground level and on a series of stepping rooftops further explores the concept of sliding planes with an interplay of hard and soft elements composed as a sequence of formal and informal spaces.

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